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North Little Rock Fire Station #10
8800 Highway 70 East - North Little Rock, AR
Home of Engine 10

All Photos on this Webpage by Lee Clark
N.L.R.F.D. Station 10: Home of Engine 10

NLRFD Engine 10 - A 2015 Pierce Saber 1500 GPM Top Mount With 1000 Tank
Note that at the time of this photo Reserve Aerial 2, a 1981 American LaFrance) was still on the NLRFD Roster.
This 100' rear mount aerial was sold on govdeals.com in late December 2017 or early January 2018. This was
the first 100' aerial that the NLRFD has owned. It replaced a 1947 Seagrave 65' aerial truck!

Fire Station 10, located on U.S. Highway 70, just west of its junction with I-440, was opened in early 1988.  It was built to provide fire protection to the industries, business and homes of the area as North Little Rock grows eastward.  As North Little Rock has annexed land,  the territory this station serves has grown. It has grown to the point that Station 11 has been opened.   Many factories and large manufacturing companies have located in this area. Engine 10 also responds to the Willow Beach area. Engine 10 also responds to areas as far west in the city as Baptist Hospital in North Little Rock.

Click Here For More Photos Of Engine 10 When It Arrived (As Engine 9) In April 2002

Apparatus Housed in NLRFD Station Number Ten
1 Captain;
1 Lieutenant
and 1-2 Fire
1500 GPM Pump - 1000 Gallon Tank - Cummins 450 HP Diesel - Pre-connected Jump Line - Ground
Ladders Carried Inside Enclosed Compartment - Rear Booster Line - Top Mount Pump Panel


Interesting Facts About Station 10 and Company 10: Station 10 opened in early 1988. The first engine to serve as Engine
10 was the 1971 Ford/Boardman. It was repainted and rehabilitated at a paint shop in the Arkansas Prison System by Arkansas
Prison Inmates. Several Little Rock F.D. Pumpers were painted from yellow to red by the same paint shop during this time. In 1992 the 1976 IH/ALF from Station 6 was sent to Station 10 as Engine 10. The cab (only) on the '76 was repainted before the pumper came to Station 10. In 1995, the pumper from Station 6 (again) was transfered to Engine 10. (This took place as a new pumpers were put in service at other stations, and their pumpers were sent to stations with still older apparatus.) The pumper sent to Station 10 from Station 6 in 1995 was the 1981 American LaFrance, which had originally been Engine 1. In March, 1999 the '81 LaFrance was destroyed in an accident on rain-soaked Highway 161. The pumper ended up on its top. This accident was NOT the fault of the N.L.R.F.D. lieutenant who was driving. A 1996 E-One 1250 GPM Demo Pumper was available for immediate delivery. It became Engine 1. Engine 1'S '92 Pierce went to Station 3, and the '85 Seagrave from Station 3 became Engine 10. In June, 2002, the Pierce Contender pumper went in service as Engine 10. (2nd of 2 purchased almost together.) In April 2015, a brand new Pierce Sabre1500 GPM pumper with a 1000 tank became Engine 10.