A Listing of all known Band Directors in the Pulaski County
Special School District in Pulaski County, Arkansas

The PCSSD was formed in 1927. Band Programs began their presence about 1960.

NOTE:  This is still a work in progress. I am posting it on the website now in anticipation that I might get some e_mails
if any of you know any names or dates of directors that I do not have. Lee Clark

  Music Supervisors of the   PCSSD
The people who have been responsible for the overall music program in the Pulaski
County Special School District - The people who have had to make the decisions to keep
music in its proper place for all students of the district are lited below:


Alden Peterson            - 1967
Mike Johnstone  1967-1979 (Mr. Johnstone came to PCSSD in 1965. 
Don Davis 1979-1994  (Mr. Davis came to PCSSD in 1972)
Jo Wilcox  1994-2003
Jo Wilcox  2005-




Director's Name

Years of Service

School(s) Where Director Served as Band Director

Abbott, Sarah


Sylvan Hills Middle School

Alexander, Ed


North Pulaski High School

Allain, Earl


Mills High School

Antonetti, Susan

2001- 2003

Mills High School

Armstrong, John


Jacksonville Southside Jr. High

Bailey, Mark

1998 -

Jacksonville Middle School

Barbour, Duane


Joe T. Robinson Sr. - Jr. High

Bell, Dennis 1964-1965 Fuller High School

Belotti, Rico


Jacksonville High School

Boehm, Beth

1994 -

Joe T. Robinson High School and Jr. High -
Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High - Maumelle Middle School

Betton, Teroy


Sweet Home Sr - Jr. High - Mills High School

Bishop, Richard


Cloverdale Jr. High

Boswell, Ron


Cloverdale Jr. High

Botwinick, Joseph


Jacksonville Middle School - Joe T. Robinson High
School and Joe T. Robinson Middle School

Burgett, Jim (Deceased 6-30-02)

1965 - 1988

Cloverdale Jr. High - Sylvan Hills High School -
Northwood Middle School

Caldwell, John 

1977-1980; 1982 -1987

Cloverdale Jr. High - J.A. Fair Sr.- Jr. High
McClellan High School

Carson Jr., Leon 


Joe T. Robinson High School and Robinson Jr. High

Carter, (Unknown)

Sweet Home High

Chaffin, Herb (deceased)

1963 - 1974

Joe T. Robinson Sr. - Jr. High

Clark, Lee


Fuller Jr. High, Sylvan Hills Jr. High, Jacksonville High School,
Jacksonville Southside Jr. High, (Southside became
Jacksonville Jr. High on July 1, 1997), Robinson High School,
Robinson Jr. High, Robinson Middle School. On July 1, 2001.

Corbitt, L. C.

Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Craig, John 1958-59 Jacksonville High School

Cunningham, Doug


Joe T. Robinson High School - Joe T. Robinson Jr. High -
Joe T. Robinson Middle School and Mills High School

Dismuke, Karen

1984-1987; 1989 -

J.A. Fair Sr. - Jr. High; North Pulaski High School

Dougherty, David


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Dunn, Mrs.

Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Echols, Mike

1977- 1979

Pulaski East Jr. High

Ford, Joe

1978 -1979

Fuller Jr. High

Fotio, Ted


Jacksonville High School

Glaze, Kelly


Fuller Middle School

Gosso, Sam (Deceased)

1990- 1995

Mills High School

Graham, John 


McClellan High School

Granderson, Janet


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Grauer, Mark

1980- 1985

North Pulaski High School - Northwood Jr. High

Hahn, Erika (Trusty)


Fuller Middle School

Haskett, Bill


Sylvan Hills Sr - Jr. High - Sylvan Hills Sr. High -
Sylvan Hills Jr. High

Hawk, Sharon

1989 -

North Pulaski High School - Northwood Jr. High

Head, Christina 2005- Jacksonville Middle School

Henley, John

1977 -

Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Hennis, Sally

- 1973

Fuller Jr. High

Herring, Rhonda

2000 - 2001

Sylvan Hills Jr. High

Johnson, Danny


Fuller Jr. High

Jones, David

1978 - 1979

Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Jordan, Kathy

1979- 1981

Pulaski East Jr. High

Keelan, James T. (Jim)
(Deceased Sept. 15, 1985.)


Sylvan Hills High School

Kinnison, Patrick


Joe. T. Robinson Sr High and Robinson Jr. High

Koehler, Joann

1995 -

Northwood Jr. High - Northwood Middle School

Koon , Joe

1960?- 1980

Mablevale Sr. High and Jr. High

Kornegay, Chris


Cloverdale Jr. High

Kramer, Don 


(Mr. Kramer was the LRU -now UALR Band Director. He
oten helped PCSSD when the need arose.)

Kutchka, David

1981- 1981

Pulaski East Jr. High

Larry, Joseph


North Pulaski High School

Lasiter , Jerry


Fuller Jr. High

Lewis, Fred

1982 - 1986

Jacksonville Southside Jr. High - Joe T. Robinson High
School and Joe T. Robinson Jr. High

Lewis, Robert


Fuller High School

Linch, Perry Jon


Mills High School

Martin, Robert

1969 - 1972

Jacksonville Southside Jr. High

Mc Anally, Kent


Mills High School

McCuen, Wendall

1961 - 1963

Joe T. Robinson Sr. - Jr. High

McHenry, John

- 1987

J.A. Fair

Mealer, Randy


Northwood Jr. High

Mickey, Sarah

Fuller Jr. High

Mills, Lori

1998 -2001

Mills High School

Moore, David


Mablevale Sr. High - McClellan High School

Moorehead, Kinnith 


Joe T. Robinson High School and Robinson Jr. High

Mouton, Carl

1987 -

J.A. Fair Sr -Jr. High
Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Nash, Johnny

Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Parker, J.D.


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Perry, Rex (Deceased 2003)


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Peterson, Alden


Mablevale Sr. High, Robinson Sr-Jr High, Sylvan Hills
Sr - Jr. High PCSSD Music Supervisor

Ponder, Sam


Jacksonville Southside Jr. High

Probst, Joe

- 1963

Sylvan Hills Sr - Jr. High

Ragland, Ray


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Rahiem, Sandra

Fuller Jr. High

Reed, Jerold (Deceased-March, 2004) 

1968 -1972

Mc Clellan High School

Reynolds, Tom


Sylvan Hills High School

Richard Jones


Mills High School

Richards, Kay


Fuller Jr. High, Sylvan Hills Jr. High, Sylvan Hills
High School.

Robinson, Russell

1985 -1991

Jacksonville Southside Jr. High - Jacksonville Northside
Jr. High - Joe T. Robinson H.S. & Jr. High

Russell, Gail


Oak Grove Sr. - Jr. High

Sacrey, Patty

2000 -

Northwood Jr. High and Northwood Middle School

Show, Tim

2005 -

Fuller Middle School

Simmons, Robert


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Smith, Darryl 

1980 - 1998

Mablevale Jr. High - Joe T. Robinson H.S. & Jr. High
Fuller Jr. High - Mills High School

Smith, Kris

2001 -

Sylvan Hills Middle School

Sterling, Charles 


Joe T. Robinson H.S. & Jr. High

Stuart, David


Sylvan Hills High School

Taylor, Paul 


Joe T. Robinson H.S. & Jr. High

Teeter, Neil

1969-1973; 1976-1977

Cloverdale Jr. High and Mills High School -
Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Tenny, Denise


Jacksonville Northside Jr. High

Vaughn, Jackie


Jacksonville Middle School

Vaught, Larry


Cloverdale Jr. High

Villines, Scott


North Pulaski High School - Northwood Jr. High

Washburn, Franklin 


Mc Clellan High School

Wayne Wilson (deceased)


Jacksonville High School

Westbrook, Bill

1974- 1978; 1983 - 1986

Pulaski East Jr. High - Sylvan Hills Jr. High
Jacksonville Northside Jr. High - North Pulaski High

White, Mrs. Eldon

Sylvan Hills Sr. High and Sylvan Hills Jr. High

Wilcox, Jo

1988 - 2003

Northwood Jr. High - Music Coordinator of PCSSD

Woodard, Dan


Jacksonville Southside Jr. High

Wooly, Jim

Jacksonville High School

(Last Director @ Pulaski East)

1981- 1982

Pulaski East Jr. High



..........Joe T. Robinson
The Building at 21001 Highway 10 was Robinson Sr.-Jr. High until the present Senior High opened at 21501 Highway 10. Since then, the 21001 Highway 10 Building has been called Robinson Jr. High and Robinson Middle School.

The Building at 21501 Highway 10 has been Robinson Sr. High Since it was opened in 1982. The Band Directors have historically worked in both buildings, to best utilizate band directorsfor the good of the students in the community.

Peterson, Alden  1960 - 1961
Wendall McCuen 1961 - 1963
Chaffin, Herb (deceased)   1963 - 1974
Barbour, Duane   1974-1976

Sterling, Charles 

Cunningham, Doug  1977-1982
Moorehead, Kinnith  1982-1985
Lewis, Fred  1983-1986 1985-1986
Carson Jr., Leon  1986-87
Smith, Darryl  1987- 1990

Robinson, Russell

Kinnison, Patrick 1991-1992
Taylor, Paul  1992-1994
Boehm, Beth 1994-1999
Clark, Lee  1999 - 2006
Botwinick, Joseph (Assistant) 2002-




Mc Clellan High School
Moore, David  
Kramer, Don  1967-1967
Reed, Jerold (Deceased-March, 2004)      1968 -1972
 Washburn, Franklin     1972-1984
 Graham, John        1984-1985
 Caldwell, John       1985-1987
 (Mc Clellan became a LRSD School July 1, 1987)  



Cloverdale Jr. High

Jim Burgett  (Deceased 6-30-02)
  1965 - 1967
Ron Boswell    1967-1968
 Neil Teeter 1969-1972
 Larry Vaught 1972-1977
 Richard Bishop 1977-1977
 John Caldwell 1977-1980
 Chris Kornegay 1980-1987
  (Cloverdale became a LRSD School July 1, 1987)
The Building Opened as Mablevale Sr - Jr High and became Mablevale Jr. High upon the Completion of Mc Clellan)
Alden Peterson 1960?-
David Moore 1960?-
 Joe Koon - 1960?-
 (Building became  Mablevale Jr. High)  
 Joe Koon 1980?-
 Darryl Smith  1980-1987
 (Mablevale became a LRSD School
July 1, 1987)



J.A. Fair Sr.- Jr. High
John Caldwell 1982-1984
 Karen Dismuke 1984-1987
 Carl Mouton (Assistant) - 198?
 John Mc Henry (Assistant) - 1987
 (J. A. Fairs became a LRSD School July 1, 1987)  


Mills High School
Teroy Betton         -1972
  Neil Teeter 1972 -1973
  Earl Allain 1973-1978
  Richard Jones 1978-1982
  Doug Cunningham 1982-1983
  Kent Mc Anally 1983-1989
  Sam Gosso 1990- 1995
  Darryl Smith  1995-1998
  Lori Mills  1998 -2001
  Susan Byler Antonetti   2001- 2003
Perry Jon Linch 2003-


Fuller Sr- Jr High
Robert Lewis 1963-64
Dennis Bell 1964-65
Don Kramer (Mr. Kramer was the LRU -now UALR   Band Director. He often helped PCSSD when the need arose.) 1966-67
 Fuller Jr. High
 (The building on E. Dixon Road became
Fuller Jr. High
 upon the completion of Mills High School.
 Sally Hennis     - 1973
  Jerry Lasiter  1973-1973
  Danny Johnson 1973-1973
  Lee Clark 1973-1978
  Joe Ford 1978 -1979
  Kay Richards 1979-1990
  Darryl Smith  1990- 1995
  Sarah Mickey  
Sandra Rahiem  
  Darryl Smith  1998-2001
(This Building Became Fuller Middle July 1, 2001)  
Erika Trusty 2001-2002
Kelly Glaze 2002-2005
Tim Show 2005-



Sweet Home Sr - Jr High
  Teroy Betton
Mr. Carter
 (This building became Fuller 7th Grade  Upon the
Completion of Mills High School Building)
Sally Hennis (The Fuller Director taught 8th & 9th Grade in the Present Fuller Building and then taught 7th grade in the "Fuller 7th" (Sweet Home) Building ..until Pulaski East Jr. High was established in the Old Sweet Home Bldg.
 Jerry Lasiter 1973-1973
Danny Johnson 1973-1973
  Lee Clark 1973-1974
 Pulaski East Jr .High
(Note: The Sweet Home Sr-Jr Building Became Pulaski East Jr. High July 1, 1974)
 Bill Westbrook 1974- 1977
 Mike Echols 1977- 1979
 Kathy Jordan 1979- 1981
 David Kutchka 1981- 1981
 ___________? 1981- 1982
(Building closed as a school in June, 1982)  



Jacksonville High School
Note: Jacksonville Senior High was originally located on the site of present-day Jacksonville Elementary. Next, it moved to 1320 School Drive. It was there until Jacksonville High School moved to 2400 Linda Lane in the Fall of 1969.
Ted Fotio  
Jim Wooly (at 1320 School Dr) -1970 
(School moves to 2400 Linda Lane)  
Jim Wooly (continues at 2400 Linda Lane)  
Wayne Wilson (deceased) 1970-1978
Lee Clark 1978-1987
Rico Belotti 1987- 2005
Eddie Paul 2005 -


Jacksonville Jr. High-
201 Sharp Street- Jacksonville, AR

(Note: The Building at 201 Sharp Street opened as Jacksonville Junior High. When Jacksonville Sr. High moved from 1320 School Drive to 2400 Linda Lane, This building became Jacksonville Jr. High North, but more commonly called Jacksonville Northside Jr. High. In the fall of 1997, the building became Jacksonville Middle School. This building became known as Jacksonville Middle School - Girls' Campus
with the beginning of the 2005-06 school year. Band classes for both male and
female students were moved to the band facilities at Jacksonville Middle School -
Boys' Campus. (This is the building at 1320 School Drive.)

Jim Wooly  
(Building became Jacksonville Northside Jr. High upon completion of  present Sr. High Bldg.)  
Robert Simmons 1969 -1976
Neil Teeter 1976- 1977
J.D. Parker 1977-1977
Ray Ragland 1977-1979
Janet Granderson 1979-1982
Denise Tenny 1982-1983
Bill Westbrook  1983-1985
David Dougherty 1985-1987
Russell Robinson 1987-1990
Rex Perry (Deceased 2003) 1990-1995
Eddie Paul 1995-1997
(Building became Jacksonville Middle School July 1, 1997)  
Eddie Paul 1997-1999
Lee Clark (Assistant) 1997-1999
Mark Bailey (Assistant) 1998-1999
Mark Bailey 1999- 2005
Jackie Vaughn (Assistant) 1999-2001
Joe Botwinick (Assistant) 2001-2002
Jacksonville Southside Jr. High
(Building at 1320 School Drive)
(Note: This Building Became Southside Jr. High when Jacksonville Sr. High moved to 2400 Linda Lane)
Robert Martin 1969-1972
Danny Woodard 1972-1977
Sam Ponder 1977-1978
John Armstrong 1978-1982
Fred Lewis 1982-1985
Russell Robinson 1985-1987
Lee Clark 1987-1997
(This building (1320 School Dr. became
Jacksonville Jr. High on July 1,1997)


Jacksonville Jr. High - 1320 School Drive
Lee Clark 1997-1999
Rico Belotti (Assistant 1997-)
Eddie Paul 1999 -
This building became Jacksonville Middle School - Boys' Campus - 1320 School Drive on July 1, 2005.
(Band classes for both male and female students moved to this campus.
Mark Bailey 2005 -
Christina Head 2005 -


Original Sylvan Hills Jr. High - Highway 107
Sylvan Hills Jr. High was originally located on Hwy 107  across the street from the Wal-Mart Neighborhood market.
 The building is presently a church and a nursing home. Until the building at 401 Dee Day Hudson Drive was
completed, Sylvan Hills students attended Senior High at North Little Rock High School.
Alden Peterson  ?-  ?
Joe Probst          -1963
Bill Haskett 1963-1967 
  (Bill Haskett moved to the first  S.H. High School-the present S.H. Middle School)
                                      (He also was the director at the Jr. High on Highway 107.)
Sylvan Hills Sr.High
Bill Haskett 1963-1967 
Eldon White's wife
(Sr. Assistant & Jr Director)
Jim Burgett (Jim Burgett moved into the present High ........................................School Building) 1967-1982 (Deceased 6-30-02)
Jim Keelan 1982-1985 (Deceased Sept 15, 1985)  
David Stuart 1985- 1992  
Tom Reynolds 1992-1995  
Kay Richards 1995-  
Rhonda Herring (Assistant) 2000 -2001  
Kris Smith (Assistant) 2001-  
Sylvan Hills Jr. High (D.J. Hudson Drive)
 (This building was formerly the Sr. High and is presently Sylvan Hills Middle School.)
Ray Ragland 1969 - 1977
Bill Westbrook 1977-1978
Lee Clark 1978-1978
Jim Keelan 1978-1982
Gail Russell 1982 -1990
Kay Richards 1990-1995
Greg Burton
Scott Mattox  
Kelli Buckelew  
Rhonda Herring 2000-2001
Kris Smith (Assistant)  
(Building Became Sylvan Hills Middle School on July 1, 2001)
Kris Smith  2001-  
 Sarah Abbott (Assistant) 2002-2005



Harris High School  
Teroy Betton  




Oak Grove Sr. -Jr. High  
Gail Russell
(Founded Band Program)
John Henley Asst Director with Gail Russell
David Jones Asst Director with Gail Russell
L.C. Corbitt  
Johnny Nash  
Carl Mouton 1987-
Beth Boehm (Assistant) 1999-


North Pulaski High School
Joseph Larry 1977-1980
Mark Grauer   1980-1985
Bill Westbrook 1985-1986
Ed Alexander 1986-1989
Karen Dismuke 1989-
Sharon Hawk (Assistant)  
Scott Villines )Assistant) 1998-1999
Patty Sacrey (Assistant) 2000-




(This building became Northwood Middle School on July 1, 2001.)
Mark Grauer   -1982
Jim Burgett  1982-1988
Jo Wilcox  1988-1994
Randy Mealer 1994-1995
Joann  Koehler 1995-
Sharon Hawk (Assistant)    
Scott Villines (Assistant) 1998-99
   Patty Sacrey (Assistant) 2000-
(Building Became Northwood Middle School
on July 1, 2001.)